SD 212 Spring 2023 / Admin

This is the archived website of SD 212 from the Spring 2023 semester. Feel free to browse around; you may also find more recent offerings at my teaching page.


Course Policy and Grading

Software and tools


  • 6 week exam: during lab period on Tuesday, February 14

  • 12 week exam: during lab period on Tuesday, April 4

  • Final exam: Tuesday, May 9 at 1300

    • Review questions submitted by you

    • Rooms

      • 1st period (Roche): HP123
      • 3rd period (Roche): HP125
      • 5th period (Timcenko): HP124
    • Study sheets allowed: 2 sheets of paper, both 2-sided (so 4 sides total). It’s encouraged to re-use your 6- and 12-week study sheets. Both sheets must be hand-written, prepared by you, and stapled together.

    • The exam is designed to take around 100 minutes, but you can use as much of the 3-hour time as needed.

    • Coverage: the entire course, with slightly greater emphasis on Units 11–14 that came after the 12-week exam.