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This is the archived website of SI 204 from the Spring 2017 semester. Feel free to browse around; you may also find more recent offerings at my teaching page.

Submitting Code


Most of the code you write for this class will be submitted electronically and run automatically against a set of test cases. The purpose is to provide you (near)-immediate feedback and fix your code (perhaps after seeking help!) so the final submission works perfectly, every time.

The online submission system can be accessed on the Yard at You can work on your assignments off the yard using your virtual machine, but you will not be able to submit until you are back on the USNA network.

Either way you submit it, there will be a link at the bottom of your submission for you to check the auto-testing results. (They take a minute to show up, so be patient here.) It is very important to look at these results and fix any issues that crop up until all tests pass!

Getting the submit script

Before you can submit any code, you need to download your personalized submit script and place it in your bin directory in your home folder. You will have to do this both on your laptop and on the lab machines.

Follow these specific steps:

  1. Log on to, using your USNA credentials, and return to this lab page after logging in
  2. Make a directory called bin in your home directory. This can be done as: mkdir ~/bin
  3. Click on "Download Personalized Submission Script", saving the file to the bin directory under your home directory
  4. Open a terminal give the command: chmod 700 ~/bin/submit

Actually submitting using 204sub

If you have followed the last step on the VM instructions, then you should have the 204sub program in your home folder's bin directory, which provides a convenient shortcut to submit. (If not, you can always go back to the page linked above and re-run the script.)

This program will assume your code is in a folder whose name matches the name of the assignment you are submitting. Then you just run the program from within that folder.