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This is the archived website of SI 413 from the Fall 2023 semester. Feel free to browse around; you may also find more recent offerings at my teaching page.

Submitting Code


Most of the code you write for this class will be submitted electronically using the Computer Science Department's submit system at (available on the intranet only).

In case you are not already familiar with how to use this system, check out the instructions at the bottom of this page on how to download your personalized submit script.

Important: For labs, only a small number of auto-tests will be run at the time you submit, mostly checking very simple examples to make sure you used the right variable names or input formats. Many more test cases will be run after submission to check whether your solution actually works. In order to do well on labs, you must test your own code thoroughly prior to submission!

Getting the submit script

Before you can submit any code, you need to download your personalized submit script and place it in your bin directory in your home folder. You will have to do this both on your laptop and on the lab machines.

Follow these specific steps:

  1. Log on to, using your USNA credentials, and return to this lab page after logging in
  2. Make a directory called bin in your home directory. This can be done as: mkdir ~/bin
  3. Click on "Download Personalized Submission Script", saving the file to the bin directory under your home directory
  4. Open a terminal give the command: chmod 700 ~/bin/submit