Useful Links

How I will run your code

You should probably use the interactive program gprolog in development. However, for testing your code, I will use the GNU Prolog compiler program gplc, as described below. In order for this to work, you must declare an initial goal, with a line of the form
:- initialization(INITIAL_GOAL_HERE).
For example, in the 99 bottles program linked above, this line would be
:- initialization(drink(beer,99)).
(Of course, the trailing period is crucially important.)

Save your program in a file called in folders called proj1 and proj2 respectively for phases 1 and 2 of your project.

I will test your code in the same environment as the lab machines in MI 302, using the commands

  /usr/bin/gplc --no-top-level

Phase 2 Assignment

Details on the requirements for phase 2 of your project will be posted here.