Project 3 Schedule

Students will give 10-minute presentations on the language of their project. Some information about the languages is here, and the requirements for the presentations are here. All presentations will be held in the Robotics Lab (MI 223).

Important: The files for your slides must be emailed to Dr. Roche by 1230 December 6 (section 2002) or 0700 December 8 (sections 2001 and 4002). Acceptable formats are pdf, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Prezi, and Google Docs (just share the document with me or send a link if it's online).

Section 2002: Tuesday, December 6, Periods 5 & 6

1330MIDN BennettHaskell
1341MIDN Moellerbrainfuck
1352MIDN TessmerSmalltalk
1403MIDN SandersErlang
1414MIDN GaleJ
1425MIDN Ellingtonbash

Section 2001: Thursday, December 8, Periods 1 & 2

0755MIDN Cooper & MIDN PanalJ
0806MIDN McCrary & MIDN SoerFortran
0817MIDN Sanders & MIDN WolzOCaml
0828MIDN Henry & MIDN MalonaHaskell
0839MIDN McCrone & MIDN Tinkhambrainfuck
0850MIDN Morales & MIDN MurdockErlang
0901MIDN Collins & MIDN RealSmalltalk
0912MIDN Vandal & MIDN Talbotbash
0923MIDN Lees & MIDN OgdenAda
0934MIDN LambardRuby

Section 4002: Thursday, December 8, Periods 3 & 4

0955MIDN BassoJ
1006MIDN MolinarAda
1017MIDN KellnerOCaml
1028MIDN LaFlammeRuby
1039MIDN YatesErlang
1050MIDN LeonardSmalltalk
1101MIDN SmithFortran
1112MIDN Muirbash
1123MIDN RichardsonHaskell
1134MIDN Jonesbrainfuck